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Company Profile

Shem Ya Metals was set up in 1973 and specializes in producing thread clippers for the textile industry, as well as hand tools. Shem Ya Metals products are sold worldwide.

In its early years, Shem Ya Metals exclusively subcontracted for Japanese customers. In order to comply with their rigorous approach to quality testing, Shem Ya Metals put in place distinctive standardized production lines.

Continuing with consistent high quality production, thorough quality testing and control, Shem Ya Metals created its BBB brand and started to produce thread clippers under that name. Over the past 30 years, BBB thread clippers have become a well-known brand in the industry. Sharp and durable are the best words to describe the BBB thread clippers manufactured by Shem Ya Metals at its location.

Since the beginning, Shem Ya Metals has focused on high quality products. The founder of Shem Ya Metals was guided at the time by the thought that a good pair of easy-to-use scissors could be sold anywhere around the world. With the evolution of global consumer trends, the brand that used to be sold by word of mouth alone needed to have a new life injected into. Since 2000, the BBB range has been incorporating the concept of Corporate Identity. As a result, the packaging was redesigned as a product range and a website was set up to support its global e-commerce strategy.

In keeping with its desire to innovate, Shem Ya Metals crossed out to a new industry and established a sister company in 2001. It focuses on the development and production of innovative recreational fishing equipments.

Shem Ya Metals, a 40-year-old established business, continues to work hard, progress and innovate because Taiwan’s finest products for the domestic and international market are at the heart of Shem Ya Metals’ endeavor.