About BBB

About BBB

About BBB

     In 1980, Shem Ya Metals created BBB, its Best Buy Brand, and started to produce and sell thread clippers under that brand. In its earlier years, BBB products were directly sold exclusively on the Taiwanese domestic market. In addition, international customers were able to access made-to-order production through authorized trade agents. In 2000, Shem Ya Metals began utilizing global e-commerce and it now sells its BBB products directly to worldwide customers.

35 years of production experience + the guarantee of vetted quality from Made in Taiwan products = 35-year-old trusted BBB

Shem Ya Metals has always been insistent on locally made in Taiwan for its BBB range. The products are made at its exclusive factory in Changhwa County, Taiwan. Shem Ya Metals does not employ subcontractors in China or elsewhere and neither does it have branches outside Taiwan. BBB thread clippers are the only clippers to be manufactured entirely in Taiwan and thus the only genuine Taiwanese thread clippers.

In order to prohibit the production of counterfeit BBB thread clippers anywhere in the world, Shem Ya Metals has applied for and registered BBB trademark rights in Taiwan, China, Central America, South America, as well as other areas. We pay particular attention to China where most counterfeit BBB thread clippers originate. To that purpose, we are working with the Chinese local customs and investigating extensively illegal business following BBB customs registration. We insist in protecting our trademark for BBB thread clippers in order to protect all of our customers who deserve the quality of the BBB thread clippers made by Shem Ya Metals.

Shem Ya Metals insists on continuing to focus on high quality for its BBB range because it owes its success to this established brand and believe in the quality of its Taiwan-made products.

Shem Ya Metals is grateful to all of its BBB customers: your trust in our products is our greatest achievement yet and the reason we continue to work hard.