Fighting Against Fake BBB


BBB trademark has been registered in many counties and its legal trademark right holder is Shem Ya Metals in Taiwan.
BBB trademark IP right holder, Shem Ya Metals has filed an application with the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China and has been approved and recorded. Assisted by GAC, trying to export fake BBB clippers illegally produced in China will be fined and submitted for criminal proceedings by customs authorities.
Shem Ya Metals has never authorized any company to use or produce any BBB trademarked products. Any exports and imports of goods that infringe BBB trademark right are illegal. Shem Ya Metals will take legal action and ask for compensation.
BBB trademarked products are all produced by Shem Ya Metals in Taiwan. Shem Ya Metals has never and will not subcontract to any other factory or supplier. Shem Ya Metals has never and will not set up a factory manufacturing aboard.
All of BBB trademarked products are made in Taiwan. Please make sure the labels of MADE IN TAIWAN are printed on the colored inner boxes and outer cartons.